Custódia Transportes

Why Custódia?

Know How

Our greatest competitive advantage is our talent.

Our team counts on more than 30 years of experience in the segment of Cargo Road Transportation in Brazil.

We always seek the best logistics solutions to optimize the operations and reduce final costs of the products to our customers.

We offer real improvement in Inbound and Outbound logistics by finding ways to minimize impacts caused by several factors, such as accommodation, staying overnight, loading/unloading among others.


We are constantly investing in training because we understand that in view of innovating and meeting our customers' needs it is necessary to understand the process, to meet expectations and most of all, the moment the market segment is going through.


Our fleet is developed to cater for the needs of our customers, and we can provide quick and flexible collection and delivery services in the whole national territory.

Presently, our production is focused on trucks and flatbed trucks all over the country.

Risk management

Our fleet is tracked 24-hour-a-day by means of partnerships with renowned managing companies, besides cutting-edge embedded technology. We have a Risk Management Plan aimed at assuring strict safety of customers' load.


We have cargo insurance of the following types: RCTRC (1.5 million per vehicle) and RCF-DC (1.5 million per vehicle) for general cargo, and our contract with the insurance company is flexible, which allows us to exceed the abovementioned limits.


We have strategic partnerships with companies authorized by risk management and relevant bodies.