Custódia Transportes


Transporte de Container

Operamos nos principais portos e aeroportos do país: Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Guarulhos e Campinas. Atuamos com eficientes parcerias em Agentes de Carga, Freight forwarder, Trading, despachantes aduaneiros, importadores e exportadores.

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Long-distance transfer - Specialized

We cover the whole national territory with open vehicles, specialized vehicle, Trucks and vans, and we have daily journeys covering the states of the South-East area (SP, RJ, MG and ES).

We have wide scope of production besides differentiated response time.

We do not work with break bulk cargo.

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Road Transportation COMEX - DI/DTA

We operate in the main ports and airports in Brazil: Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Guarulhos and Campinas.

We maintain efficient partnerships with Cargo Agents, Freight forwarder, Trading, customs clearance agents, importers and exporters.

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Refrigerated cargo

We have cutting-edge refrigerated cargo technology and we rely on high performance equipment.

Our equipment allows the tracking and the monitoring of the necessary temperature.

We cover South-East area (SP, RJ and ES) and we transport cargo at room temperature (15° to 25°C), cooled cargo (2° to 8°C) and frozen cargo (-20°C) with a delivery van (Fiorino) or a truck.

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Project Cargo

This Division focuses on high demand projects, but with limited time. It means that we are able to collect and deliver big batches, loose cargo, container, excess cargo, production lines transportation, moving of a whole plant, among others.

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Exceeding Cargo

Our team has vast experience in transportation of extradimensioned cargo, and we are technically able to offer the best logistics solutions at the lowest possible cost.

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Industrial removal

Transportation activity of exceeding cargo, either by weight or size, is related to almost all sectors connected to infrastructure and it enables us to engage in several areas, such as: civil construction, heavy industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, siderurgy and energy industry. We offer the best solutions in the market related to multimodal logistics.

We asses technical details related to removal with Rigging Plan Engineers, Vertical Lifting, and Feasibility Plan.

We make the difference in building sites all over Brazil.

Our Exceeding Transportation Division is constantly growing, supported by our customers' reliability and total satisfaction.

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Domestic air-transportation/DOOR TO DOOR

DOOR TO DOOR - We work with all airline companies, we have agents and representatives in all states of Brazil, which allows us to be quick and efficient in collecting and delivering cargo in all national territory. We make our best efforts to meet your urgent needs.

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