Custódia Transportes

About Custódia

Grupo Custódia was created from an entrepreneurship dream and was founded in the year 2000 by Deivison Souza and since then it has been gaining market.

Presently, Custódia Transportes counts on an operations team with more than 30 years of experience in logistics.

It offers to customers customized and specialized dedicated road transportation services, strategically based in São Paulo.

It has varied fleet: Delivery vans (Fiorinos), Vans, HR, Tocos, Trucks, (flatbed trucks, box trucks and sider trucks), Bug (20’ and 40’), Lowered Bug, planks, axis line, Cranes, Muncks, Refrigerated vehicles,vehicles with platforms and removing team.

It provides logistics solutions to attend all market segments: food, civil contruction, small-sized and mid-sized industries, customs clearance, cargo agents, among others.


We want to become a national reference as regards logistic solutions for road transportation.


Our mission is to present to our clients innovative logistic solutions for cargo road transport, for the purpose of generating cost reduction and ensuring total quality in our operations.